Our Story

It all started in 2016 when we realized that fashion has become too much complicated. Inspired by the quote;

“ whenever you’re lost or confused, always get back to basics” unknown

We created Nusk and started designing and producing products that feel good and look good, giving the fashion the simplicity and the glory they never had. The brand is growing to include a wide range of designs and collaborations with one common inspiration: cultural context.

Rather than designing mere wild and complicated fashion, our goal is to design products that make a statement. Our Nusk display wild patterns inspired by our heritage and our daily lives, mixed with vibrant, modern colors—they resemble us and we feel confident wearing them.

The Arabic word means temperance in pattern witch applies for all our products. When you wear Nusk you are redefining trend, designs and fashion culture. 

Nusk is a marketplace where stunning art, by local and international artists, can be purchased as comfortable nice style products, at affordable prices. You create a culture of simplicity and unique style simply by being comfortable as yourself. 

Whether its a white shirt, comfy socks or just a nice T-shirt for your day at work . Nusk will always enhance your style as individual with comfort.